Big sweep up in subcontracting

a documentary film by Ivora Cusack
produced and distributed by the 360° et même plus film collective.

The DVD including English subtitles is on sale on lesmutins.org.
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> Coming up screenings
- Wed. January 8 2014 – 7:30 pm > NEW YORK – Brecht Forum
- Tues. February 25 2014 > BRUSSELS – Le P’tit Ciné / Vie Féminine


March 2002, Paris. Cleaners doing subcontracted work in Accor hotels go on strike. Most of the strikers are women with West African origins and are fighting for their rights for the first time in their life.

Shot over a 4 year period, the film outlines different struggles where with few resources but a tenacious will, collectively organized individuals disrupt the law of submissiveness prevailing in the world of work, particularly in subcontracted work.

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